Tailor Made Tours

Any Shop In the world never sell Satisfaction, We have to Earn It.
to earn first plan.

                                                                This Is a Type of a Tour which gives  tourist a complete freedom  to choose their Points of attraction, destinations, Class. This was the most Challenging task for any good service providing Tour Company but this ‘challenging task’ is a great Oppertunity For SUKHAD. SUKHAD is made for the complete satifaction of Tourist. We are Please to serve you by your wish this is  what we always want. It was always encouraging for us to see your joyful faces.

                                              A Tailor-made Tour Means You tell us what you want (either in detail, or give us some parameters to work within), and then we arrange services to fit your wishes for your Holiday.

                Sukhad Provide Two Catagories in this section 

                                              1. Study Tours

                                             2. Family Tours.

Family Tours

beach, sunset, silhouette

Travelling Alone is a much easier task for everyone, You have do not have to worry much more about weather the tour plan is perfect or not you can face every possible worst condition you can imagine. But Travelling With our beloved one Family you cant take any type of risk.

So here comes Sukhad. When we Plan your wishes we give first priority for the safty of your family. you just tell us your interests and we set it all in your Budget.   

Study Tours

teachers, scientists, chemists

One tour in a year must be planned to achive the task of Learning with fun. The Needs and destinations may be diffrents and looking impossible but here at SUKHAD we know how to complete all your tours by a perfect planning. We are much serious about the timebounded meetings of other persons, their seminars, important Lectures and all essential things you tell us to happen. Its our main aim that after or pro complition of your Important work, to arrange all great destinations for sightseen, a comfortable Stay, Delicious Meals and all that things your group desires.

So share with us your destinations and experience the magic of SUKHAD.